avpro.fun for the best of the Apple Vision Pro 2024

Welcome to AVPRO.FUN. Where the mindblowing experiences are routine and science+technology+vision have come together in Apple’s breakthrough technology:


Holy fk.

Apple has done it. Wait until you experience “spatial computing.” My thinking is already being infected by the potential of the AVP. I hope you have a chance to watch some of the demos on YouTube and Apple.com. We are a group of Apple Developers working to bring you the best content for this amazing new adventure.

Are you ready to JACK IN?

Also coming:

        • AVPROLABS.COM (our development lab)
        • AVPRO.AI (push the generative envelope within the AVP)

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AVP HELP: How to share your Apple Vision Pro

And if you need a bit more help, as I did, trying to understand the instructions, here’s a YouTube video that goes over the basics of the control center in the Apple Vision Pro.

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